E-Book Resources

Since I gave in to the almighty E-book I’ve been looking for ways to save money on books. I was sad to lose the idea of free borrows until my Library started offering E-books and I have a few resources to share.

E-books in general are usually a sliver cheaper so it does help you save automatically however it can be tough to splurge on books when…you know, life is happening. Your first line of defense is checking out your local library’s website. Mine now has an E-books section. You need to download Over Drive which is a reader that will allow you to download and view the books on your e-book.

The Gutenberg Project is a great source that has over 42,000 books available on their site.


ReadAnyBook: http://www.readanybook.com/
R.A.B. has most of the popular titles available and it’s mostly in PDF format.

One of my favorite research sites: they mostly books and writings based on culture / religion.
Sacred Texts: http://www.sacred-texts.com/

Do you use these? What resources do you use?




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