Humanizing Man-Hood – Vin Diesel’s cover of Stay

I woke up to something that really warmed my heart. Mr. Diesel plays one of my favorite characters; Riddick.

This video is the one in question:

My first reaction? I was trying to harmonize with him, he needed some back up. He was on pitch (when he was singing in the right octave) and seemed to know most of the words; also he was singing against the back drop for the original video. I mean…this is top notch stuff.

By the time I came home from work and was ready to share the video I saw that it had quite a lot of negative comments being passed around with it. So, I wanted to share it here and also declare that I recognize a disparity in the way men are portrayed, especially men that are considered hyper-masculine – and I will always be as willing to share something positive about men, regardless of their race, beliefs and everything in-between.

It’s awful that we can’t just see this for what it is; a man, singing a song and clearly having a good time. What else matters? Why do we need to question his maleness? Why does this make him less? And why is less equated with being feminine? It seems so silly to question someone who clearly doesn’t have any qualms about baring himself to the world in something I’m sure he thought would be a light-hearted change from all the heaviness all around.

Kudos to you Vin Diesel. You’re human. You don’t need to be anything less or more than you are. I love you and let me offer to be your back up singer next time. I’m not that good, but I can hold a tune and I can do the girl parts so you can stay on key for your parts or we can harmonize the whole song. Whatever’s best for you.

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