The Rise of the Cell Phone Gamer

I remember when the only games you could play on your cell phone was Bubble Blaster, Solitaire, Chess or Checkers. I was grounded for a month for buying Chess on my first cell phone; didn’t know it would show up on the bill that way and thought that my mother would hardly notice that our bill was a few dollars more. It was $5.99 and that was during the times when you could and would by call tones. Ugh. Glad we’re past that.

Now, the games you can play on your phones are completely engrossing; some, arguably as complicated and fulfilling as playing a console game but would that mean a rise in the casual gamer? Most certainly. I believe that the cell phone gaming culture boom was fueled in part by phones being more like computers and casual gamers relying on a mobile phone as their only way of relaxation / play time but it definitely reached a lot of folk who wouldn’t usually “waste time” with games.

I’ve been obsessed with quite a few games myself; mostly on the phone because i can have a decent variety and play games types that aren’t found on console like Plants vs Zombies 2. I play a lot of Bejeweled Blitz, mostly because I like frustrating my FB friends by always having the highest score (also reaching one million to be on the leader boards) and I play a lot of other match type games to warm up for Bejeweled. Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is really fun and reminiscent of old school side scrollers and Clash of Clans is my new addition.

I stopped playing Candy Crush simply because I don’t really enjoy freemium games; but I’m trying to keep it light in this post. PvZ2 isn’t as rewarding as it should be for this reason.

I enjoy the time and effort put in by developers to make engaging games for our cell phones since our phones function like computers with each technological advance.

I look forward to seeing the releases for 2014 and beyond. I do enjoy the small mini vacations I get in phone games.

What are you currently playing?

Check out Clash of the Clans here:

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  1. I’m a heavy mobile gamer. I live in south korea and don’t have a car, so I spend a lot of time gaming on the subway and bus. I’m also an avid RPG’er, so all of my top games fall into that genre. I also like runners and shooters for a quick fix when I only have a little time to play.

    Best mobile game I’ve played thus far is Punch Quest. I’ve been playing it for years and i’ve *gasp* actually gotten some IAPs from it. (I’m from the school of grinding, so buying an IAP is something that I don’t do)

    iOS is slightly better for the type of games that I play, and all of my favorites are there: DDD (Deep Dungeons of Doom), Pixel Quest, Contra, Epoch, Swordigo are all great games.

    My favorite games on Android OS are Nimble Quest, Knights of Pen and Paper (a really, really great retro RPG) Andor’s Trail, Emissary of War, and Radiant, a retro space shooter.

    1. Asiaelle says:

      I’ve got to check some of these out! I love mobile games. I can’t wait to see the next wave.

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