I have way too many quirky habits to cover but I will discuss my official Pen Policy which is simple: don’t touch it.

Growing up in the Caribbean fancy pens and pencils were the crown jewel of many a student’s pen case: that’s always stuck with my and I spend time researching new pens, ink types and all things pen related now that I’m in the U.S and I have a lot of access.

My main pen is the Uniball Jetstream currently but I’m a huge fan of Pilot brand pens as well because that’s what I grew up using.

Which beings me to ink color. Black. It’s the only way to go unless you’re filling out formal documents. There’s no excuse for blue ink on regular writing situations in my mind.

I despise blue ink pens.

But I respect your decision if that’s what you use, it just doesn’t work for me.

And you won’t catch me outchea with a Papermate standard issue ball point pen, I have too many horror stories of ink bleeds on pages and on my hands.

The world of pens is a very nuanced one but for a writer who still enjoys puttting pen to paper, it’s best to have something that helps rather than hinders.

What kind of pen do you write with?

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