Lonely Reader Syndrome

It’s hard to describe the feeling I get when I complete a book. The closest I can come is to the “level” up feeling when you get all the secrets in Mario; accomplished, whole, conflicted and the irrevocable feeling of scibility.

After that feeling passes; I usually feel lost because I have no one to share those moments with. Think of it as watching a movie with your friends…that’s what I want but for books. Not some special book club that I have to seek out and fit into poorly because of my erratic genre selections, I want it to be real life.

So, this year one of my goals is to meet more voracious readers, who can become as consumed as I can sometimes be by a story or a character or the way a scene is described.

Happy Reading, I hope I see you soon.


10 thoughts on “Lonely Reader Syndrome

  1. I know the feeling–when I finish a book that I loved I almost have to restrain myself from going up to complete strangers and saying “Can I just tell you about this one REALLY GREAT PART???” πŸ™‚

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