Daily Prompts: We can be taught


Without a doubt, the single most influential teacher I’ve had was my HS English Teacher Ms G. She was everything I hoped to be in High School; witty, articulate, intelligent and doing what she loved. Her was a small woman, but her presence and love of teaching in creative ways was so over powering that we always showed up to class. She’s the reason my favorite book is Macbeth.  I remember her lessons well.

Here’s to you Ms. G. Everything I write, you’ve influenced in someway.

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  1. uchusepoorly says:

    I went to college at the age of 37 I gotto tell you my teacher Ruth taught most of our chemical dependency training classes. She was the most understanding , knowledgeable people I have ever met. She was a jewish lady, an ex cop and had adopted many disabled children. I hope I can be as good as her someday. Better still she had a fantastic sense of humor.

    1. angirach says:

      It’s amazing the scope of influence on our lives. Ruth sounds like a great woman.

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