On being sick

It sucks. *throws tissue*

I’ve been sick for a bit over a week and I’m at the stage where my nose is raw, eyes are swollen and running and my chest feels like it’s caving in on itself. I haven’t worked a full day in a week and I’m quite frustrated and depressed since I seem to not be getting better. No doctor would take me same day appointment and I refuse to go sit at a doctor’s office for 6 hours just so they could give me antibiotics and tell me to rest and drink fluids.

The issue with doing walk in appointments and waiting that ridiculous amount of time is that I know what I need. I’m familiar with my body and what it requires and I know I need the antibiotics…maybe a short course steroid to get me back on track but it will wait until Monday. When I can actually waltz in and waltz out so lets hope this is just the flu gone wild and nothing too serious. Hopefully it isn’t.

In the mean time, I have two full days of work ahead and I’m dreading it. I hate being sick and not being at home, blowing my nose, spitting constantly and feeling like I’m going to fall apart is hard to deal with while you’re not in your comfort zone. That’s the toughest part for me. Not the actual work or getting out of the house itself, but being sick for an extended period of time while I’m at my desk and everyone looks at me while I make every move. Ugh.

Did I mention I hate being sick?

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