Rant: Lupe on Voting

I started this on Twitter but 140 characters got very restricting.

I am a huge fan of Lupe Fiasco. I feel like as a nerdy bookworm it helps gives me a sense of belonging somewhere in the rap world. “Hardcore” rap can sometimes be too much for a girl who’s never lived that life beyond physically living in New York for the past 10+ years.

With me paying homage, I can expand on my feelings.

I don’t have an issue with Lupe Fiasco deciding for himself that he wants no part of the voting process, what I care about is people who will mimic his decision without being readily informed on the topic. Lupe Fiasco grew up with well-educated parents and has a ride range of interests, political and social activism being one of them..so he’s qualified knowledge wise to make that decision BUT knowing that he’s huge on instant gratification type Social Media sites he should know that his tweet or discussion with no explanation as to how he came to that decision or even saying that you should research the electoral process is sort of crazy.

Lupe’s young fans, who for some this could be their first election, could research the electoral process themselves and make that decision on their own but with decisions like these, you follow the example set by the people/person that you admire since you look to them and assume that they are doing what’s best in that situation. A lot of them may decide not to vote without being able to explain why.

Celebrity is a huge responsibility, but Lupe knows that which is why I was disappointment by his abrupt dismissal of the discussion around it.

As human beings though, intelligent and articulate as we may be, it is impossible that we are able to speak expertly on everything we are passionate about so I don’t expect perfection but as a person who has spent a lot of time reading and opening his mind (his words) that he would encourage others to do the same.

Voting is a huge deal. It is something that is worthy of being thought over by every individual who has the ability / qualifies to vote. Imagine if the vote to change the law, whereby non whites could vote..wasn’t voted on.

Having the privilege to choose in 2012 is something that we should be grateful for. All of us.

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  1. Lois says:

    I completely respect and agree with him on this and so many other things he says. There is no choice between Obama and Romney they are different sides of the same coin.

    1. angirach says:

      For now, I’ll choose the side of the coin that is for women’s choice rights and its our responsibility to educate ourselves and to make moves so that in the future, we could actually vote for the best possible candidate rather than the best politician or the one that was able to raise the most money.

      Politics itself is a grimeball business. Education should be the message, everyone should be equipped to know that its all bullshit rather than just accepting it because someone famous said it.

      *Side note: How are you??*

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