Dear Friend

Good Morning,

I know this is a bit abrupt but I’ve been concerned that I was not able to reach you for the past couple weeks. I seem to have the worst timing. Our relationship has grown worlds apart from how it was when we first met. Do you remember? Us spending every possible moment together, laughing with wild abandon.

After High School we both moved away, you to across and I went down. We lost ourselves in maturity and found each other again a few years later. That was tough.

Now we’ve found our partners and we still try to maintain what we had before them.

But it gets more difficult.

Texting seems too intrusive in your life, video chats dwindled, calls completely stopped and the last thing I can do is write you an open letter via email.

I feel like we’re nearing the end of something we have held on to for so long if the only way we speak is through long winded emails sent only by one side once every couple of weeks.

I want to hear the smile in your voice again and see your eyes light up when your children come into the room but I fear that I will never be privy to those intimacies again.

I write you this as a last resort. My plea to you to save something dear us.

Please write back.

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