My Gluten Free Journey

A few months ago, after almost a year of suffering from cluster headaches, I was diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease. Celiac’s is an autoimmune disorder of the lower intestines where your body can not break down wheat gluten. The side effects I was experiencing for years unknowingly were: fatigue, chronic stomach issues (IBS like symptoms) and the biggest one was Cluster Headaches and constant migraines.
Since I’ve cut gluten out of life entirely I have not had one Cluster Headache and I feel energetic and better over all than I’ve felt in years. For people now transitioning, please be aware that for the first few weeks I did have so much energy that I almost felt manic and could not sleep. It got better as my body became more adjusted to the diet and now I’m back to my regular sleep habits for the most part.

Being forced to be gluten free has taught me a lot about food and how what you put in your body directly effects everything your body does. I encourage you to read the ingredients in all packaged food, google the ingredients that you don’t know and be more careful with what you eat.

Of course the difficult part is cutting out Bread, Pasta, Roti (you west indian/ indian folk know what I’m talking about) and pretty much all baked goods. Finding gluten free substitutes that are delicious are a challenge but I’m starting to find great brands that I enjoy.
So far I would recommend:

Bob’s Red Mill gluten free flour line. They have everything from pancake mix to regular baking flour. It’s the closest I’ve come to having things like pancakes and muffins etc.

Udi’s brand of baked goods. Their white sandwich bread is AMAZING. I almost teared up as I ate it. It had no after taste, was light and delicious and was even good cold. (I notice a lot of gluten free foods lose all taste and texture once they get cold). Udi’s also has Cinnamon Rolls, Muffins, Chocolate Chip Cookies and other breads. I’ve tried all of the cookies/sweet stuff and it’s all delicious. The chocolate chip cookies have a slight after taste but it’s really nothing in comparison to how good the cookies are.

Glutino Gluten Free Crackers.
The only flavor I like is the cheese flavor the others have a gritty after taste that I can’t stand.
As I learn more about gluten free eating and cooking perhaps I’ll post more so that I can help raise awareness as to what is out there. I would hate to have anyone’s taste buds go through what mine do to find delicious gluten free products whose main ingredient is some sort of flour.

I would advise you to cut out all gluten cold turkey and not try to find substitutes until you’ve learned how to navigate full day to day eating without any gluten. Once you’ve gotten into a good place and your body is gluten free it will be easier for you to transition.

Good luck on your gluten free journey whether it’s forced (medical) or by choice.

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  1. Lois says:

    Cool. I am also gluten free and pretty much dairy and corn free too. Have you tried spelt flour ? It’s a kind of wheat but usually people with gluten allergies can handle it. I’m on vacation but when I get back I’ll share some recipes with ya.

    1. angirach says:

      Haven’t tried spelt flour but I’ll give it a try. I look forward to recipe swapping! I’m going to try to post some on the blog.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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