Sizing Chart shenanigans

Today the mission was simple; use my one hour lunch break to pick up the missing summer essentials that were so desperately needed for my July 4th celebrations.

What happened? Went into a shop I like to pick up some shorts. Shorts are a main staple and if the 96 degree weather is any indication for the remainder of Summer…it’s going to be hot.

I confidently picked up some shorts and a few tees and still had time to schmooze and eat food. I was happy and looking forward to getting home so I can model them in my full length mirror. When I finally got to them…disappointment loomed. They made it past my thighs but there was no way I was going to get it close enough to zipper much less button.

How did I get fooled? Well, I’ve been shopping at this particular retail chain, a bit smaller and less out of control than the others I finally got something that I craved with my sizing; consistency. Its been a few months and I’ve been growing more and more content happy that I didn’t have to jiggle my bits in and out of clothing in the store and struggling to find the correct fit for me. I could look at the size of the item and that would be enough.

I can’t explain how frustrating this is. The idea that a company can’t keep the sizing straight across their own brand is just inept. Why there isn’t standard sizing all across the board for shoes and clothing is absurd. 8 Inches is 8 Inches everywhere. If you measure 8 inches the first time, the second time shouldn’t yield you 12 Inches.

It would make life so easy if the sizing was standardized. There would be less struggle and time wasted trying to figure out the correct size if you’re ordering on-line, the in store process would be seamless. You would have a better, more confident customer who knows she / he is getting what they pay for every time.

I wish there was something we could do to fix this issue over all but for now, I’ll settle with companies endeavoring to be more coherent within brands. Pretty, pretty please?

Thank you for your time,

Your customers.

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