E-book Errors

Am I the only one ticked off by the seeming abundance of mistakes made in E-books? How does no one catch the misspelling of the main character’s name? Some books are very bad and I have to say my recent foray into Chick-Lit has made me very apprehensive to read Romance novels and more “girly” books. The idea of a error free body of work has become an unpopular one and usually unless the book is by a big name author, or at least one that has a few books under their belt, the misgivings are unforgivable.

I feel cheated when I have to put up with bad grammar and incorrect spelling in a book. I feel like you’re giving me what I’m paying to avoid and in some cases it makes a average story and writing style unbearable.

Please authors, editors, step the E-book game up.



Your Customers.

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  1. Sam Hunter says:

    Right on! The ease of self-publishing e-books has allowed the standard to drop dramatically. That’s not to say it’s all bad but if the e-book isn’t even formatted correctly on my Kindle then I’m not reading it. And don’t get me started on writers who can’t stick to the same tense!

    I spent five years working on mine and the last year of that was spent polishing it because I didn’t want to be ‘one of those’.

    I only chose to publish as an e-book because I wasn’t interested in chasing a book deal and therefore having the pleasure sucked out of my writing experience. I wrote mine because I needed to tell the story and it was always going to be enough for me if only 100 people downloaded it.

    Thankfully thousands now have but I’d be decimated if the errors were as atrocious as the ones I’ve seen.

    Although, the one good thing about e-books is that if a reader lets you know they’ve spotted a missing apostrophe, or some such error, you can fix it in five minutes and they can request the update to be pushed through by Amazon straight to their Kindle. This is little known but it can be done upon request.

    Thanks for the post and please drop by my blog for a glimpse at Makaveli’s Prince.

  2. angirach says:

    I commend you on your willingness to wait until it was ready, something writers take for granted. I have emailed a few people simply because I felt like their writing was too good for it to be marred by errors and since I have a Nook I feel a lot more removed from the correction process.

    The horrid thing about E-books is that unlike with a book you don’t always get to see how horrible the formatting is until you’ve already made the purchase and unfortunately Barnes and Noble isn’t really forgiving with refunds and customer’s requests on the back end of things.

    I’ll definitely come check out your book. Thanks for taking the time to comment, much appreciated.

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