Finding myself in others

At the end of last week, my mother called me at work to tell me that she got a message from a young man on Facebook. She said that he introduced himself rather politely, he wanted to know whether or not she had a daughter named Anastasia, an answer in the affirmative would mean that he was my brother.

I’ve never been shocked by the idea of other siblings, in fact growing up in the Caribbean it was startling that I was an only child. My father had other plans doe me however and now I know that I am the middle child of his with five siblings altogether. I was excited at the prospect of meeting this man, who shared my eagerness to know if we were linked by my father, a man who is a stranger to me in every way.

After two days of my mother’s world class detective work, I had his number.

It was hard to find any reason to not love him. Smart, charming and sharing my father’s gait; he was everything I could have hoped for. Our first coversation was no where near as awkward as I anticipated and our Skype chat later than that had me smiling ear to ear.

Most mothers say, that the feeling that they get the first time they hold / see their child is one of indescribable joy – last night I came the closest to relating to that. I feel finally like some how my destiny has been fulfilled, I now have a role that I have always wanted…I’m someone’s sister.

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