Waiting for Superman – Watched

I was always aware that there were issues with the public school systems in New York but I assumed that this was because of the density in the population and the hood. I suspected that disadvantaged neighborhoods in places like CA and MI would have these problems as well because of the similar socio economic markers….I was disappointed and appalled to realize that it was a country wide problem.

The USA as big and bad as we like to tote ourselves are failing our future. Our children can’t get something basic as a High School education and have the probability of passing. Most kids fail out or graduate without a proficiency in reading comprehension or math.

It was positively heart breaking. Some children only have a chance at a good education if they are placed in a lottery for a charter school or a private school which most can’t afford. The numbers were crazy; something like 135 applicants for 10 entry spots in the school. *Sigh*

Informed the hubby that we have to either move, or make very good provisions for our children if we have them so that they can get a good opportunity and it’s crazy that you do have to go through so much just to give your children a fighting chance.

More on this when I’m less upset. Jeez.

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  1. Lois says:

    THE HUBBY???? !!!! Symbolically or literally lol? Congrats dude. And yes the education system sucks I plan on homeschooling with a ton of classes thrown in until the kid can CHOOSE a school and if I get tired of the stay at home mom thing we are going to do a montessori school.

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