Dinner and Drinks

Tonight, after work, I met up with my cousin S to have dinner. She’s one of my favorite people in the world and I can’t say that I wasn’t completely frustrated with my day for not going by quickly enough. She’s away at college and I’m here in Brooklyn so, our lives intersect like a poorly drawn venn diagram when it comes to meeting up but when we do, its always almost too much fun.

S is a few years younger than me but she I feel like parts of my heart were given to her; that’s how close I feel to her, but we don’t talk every day and get to see each other every couple months. It’s hard to explain how we remain so like minded, like hearted and like spirited.

Tonight made me realize that I have a responsibility, not only to myself to be better, but to set and example for her. To make sure that she never has to struggle with the things that I have; emotionally or otherwise. I’m one of the in betweens; I was too young to hang out with the older cousins and now I’m too old to hang out with the newer additions to the family. She’s my project, the one I can influence and help take over the world if she sees fit.

This post is dedicated to her. How amazingly intelligent she is, witting, funny, articulate, cultural and all around out standing. I don’t say I love you as much, but this pretty much takes the cake. Doesn’t it?

Love ya cuz.

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