Batman and Superman – Apocalypse

So, you guys know I’m a nerd and I love me some Batman so of course I didn’t pass up the chance to take a look at this new release, after watching Under the Red hood, my expectations were high but they quickly dwindled. I had forgotten how corny Superman really is.

Plot in a nutshell; Kallel has a cousin and she landed in her own pod which was sent into space right before the destruction which lost its way in space and has now crashed into Gotham. Naked and confused she runs through the city with Batman in pursuit until she is contained back at the bat cave; Superman of course shows up and vows to show her the ways of the world and help her fit in with the inhabitants of her new home planet. The montage of her trying on and buying clothes was super annoying and out of place. Of course, she loses composure and exposes her powers. Wonder Woman (yes, Wonder Woman) makes a dramatic appearance and a plea to let her train Kara (Superman’s Cousin).

Meanwhile; Darksied is looking for a new a new warrior to head is famous Furies and after seeing Kara is smitten with the idea of having her fill the position. Kara is kidnapped and brainwashed while Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman hatch a plan to ask Barda (former head of the furies that escaped) for help on how to get to Darksied.

Fights ensue. Interesting ones. You get to see the scope of Batman’s genius, Kara’s strength, Barda’s skill, Wonder Woman’s wisdom and Superman’s ability to win almost every fight if he’s fighting for someone he loves.

I won’t give anything else away but of course the heroes remain heroes and the movie ends with Kara announcing to the Amazons that she has decided to join the rank of those that bear the title of hero and reveals her unoriginal Supergirl out fit and the unoriginal name of course.

After watching Under the Red Hood; this was honestly not good. It does not have one iota of awesome; the only reason I committed to watching this was because Batman was in it. Seriously.

Nothing to see here folks…carry on.

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  1. We really come down oppositely. We did not like Red Hood and thought this one entertaining. Thin in the plot department, but fun. Action packed.

    Bats lived up to his cunning rep. Supes was a bit …underwhelming except for when he blasted his eye beams broadband.

    Here is our take with a lot of pics and a little humor if you are are interested:

  2. angirach says:

    I guess, we have a different tastes when it comes to movies. I really don’t like Superman at all as a hero. Not that we’re working within the realm of logic but, I believe that characters should stay true to the confines given to them at all times. This was crap to me. The Red Hood…Brilliant because of the writing and because of the frustration and relative nature of the movie.

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