Bathtub Musings

I wonder who people really are. Underneath the persona that they sell you. What drives people to create a socially likable character is definitely understandable but most people get lost in it.

For some its a switch that goes on and off when select colleagues are around, for some is the level of friendship they are willing to give and for others they just can’t separate it from who they thought they were and in order to not deal with themselves they create something more manageable.

The funny thing about fakeness is that its not real and normally if the person on the receiving end of the high pitch conversation has more than 3 functioning braincells they can tell when your being pretentious.

For those of us that are willing to deal with life on the terms that we’re given; its insulting, borderline disgusting.

Fake people bore me and fake conversations only make me wonder how far down the illusion goes.

Here’s a tip. When you’re happy enjoy it, when you’re sad try your best to work through it. Be open and honest with yourself and the people you surround yourself with. It will work out better for you and you’ll find that the relationships you build are long standing.

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  1. It’s Nice Post, keep posting and have a nice day… 06:00

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