So, L was kind enough to loan me Lolita since I had never read it nor did I know a lot about the book at all. I suspected based on the random conversations on books I’ve been unwittingly a part of over the years, that it was a romance featuring an older gentleman and a young lady but its not till reading(and it really doesn’t take you that long to realize it) that you realize how young. *Side note: Lolita is 12+

I’m currently on page 133 and by this time a crazy, unfortunate set of events has been put in motion. Humbert the orator is now sole guardian of this girl (nymphet is the word he uses) and after her mother’s death he picks her up from camp and takes her to a hotel in the country. He then gives her a sleeping pill. The book is 317 pages long.

I don’t know how I will finish but I suspect I will have a lot on my mind by the time I do.

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