Miss America – Muslim – Big Whoop

So, I didn’t know there was an unspoken agreement that all the miss america’s would be cornflower, women; pure blood american protestant. Much like the description for what our president used to be; white, over 35 and Christian.

In 2010 America has become so much more than the white bread standard, so I’m surprised that people are even batting an eyelid that our current Miss America is Muslim, from Michgan who is of Lebanese descent. These days, who can trace their lineage uncut and marred by outside blood back to the original immigrants that came here from Britain? Not many. So; grow up its not that big a deal.

Congrats. Rima. Don’t let the bastards grind you down. Not that I’m okay with pagents to begin with but you won fair and square. You beat them at their own game. You’re an american woman who is willingly admitting herself to being objectified on a national scale. Hope those pics of you on the stripper pole don’t get you in too much trouble; they’re trying to boost you out already.

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