Getting Late…

The siren’s voice in my ear beats as slowly as my heart, firm determination in her words matches nothing inside of me. My chest rises and falls with almost no purpose. She sings to me ” It’s late and I’m feeling so tired”. Its as if she’s here with me, travailing this unpaved road leading to nothingness. “I’m having, trouble sleeping” – her  sultry voice pushes me over the edge and now even though its her, it’s me. Singing to you even though you’re out of reach and no longer listening to my voice.

You’re accustomed to my whispering submission and now all I have is unpolished cries for help. You’re not here. I’m not home and I can’t help thinking that I’ve been in this place before except now it’s you and I and it feels like it happened differently in another life; the one where I was with you forever and you were mine and I was yours until nirvana. Now there is a break in the order of things more than sleep keeps us apart and I was wondering, where did you go?  Who stole you from me?

More to come, more to feel.

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  1. Lois says:


  2. Arius says:

    Dark-yet illuminating in a soulful manner. Who is this mystery person that you long for with such intensity-if I may?

    1. angirach says:

      Who knows what one is looking for until you find it? Longing is just that, its knowing that something is missing and wanting it at all costs. Cryptic answer…anyways? lol

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