Sarah Palin’s Party Animal

I hate to spread a negative image of this mother’s of two…but her Mother is in the spotlight and well, they should have tried to get these things under control. If it was Obama’s daughters (if they were older) it would have been all over the news from day one. Going to parties and hanging out with friends is no problem, but drinking underage and lewd conduct while you have two kids (well, now) is a bit over the top especially given the spotlight that your Mom is thrown into.

I’m starting to feel bad that this is coming to light, surely a few pictures and a few reports doesn’t make you  party animal and a bad seed but constant talk does make one wonder.

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  1. Marci says:

    I’m thinking here… If the democrats (black or white) running for office had a pregnant teen, how the media would play on “that”? And what criticisms would “that” get? Funny, when its the Republicans, teenage prenancy is danced over as “awe… everyone gets pregnant, some earlier than others… at least she chose to keep it…” If her mother wasn’t in the government, wonder if the family’d be sending her off for welfare food stamps and diapers. Curiouser and curiouser.

  2. angirach says:

    That’s exactly how I feel about what’s going on. Everything is being brushed under the carpet, not being picked up my media as I think it should and we’re supposed to be happy “at least she didn’t have an abortion, she’s pro-life!” Well, yippidity do dah.

    If it was Barack’s kids, this would be outlandish.

  3. greenowl77 says:

    Yay, just another day of who cares about the competance of the canidates! Lets call each other names and complain about a child’s choices. Afterall, I know that we all did EXACTY what our parents told us to.

    I have always felt that private family matters have never had an impact on how I voted. I thought it was stupid how everyone was so angry with Clinton for having an affair. Same is true here.

    I just feel sorry for the girl who gets to get her face smeared in all the media spun swilt.

  4. angirach says:

    That the daughter has made bad decisions isn’t the issue here, the problem is the lack of a good decision by McCain. In america young girls getting pregnant and their mom helping them cover it up and take care of the baby is common place but I feel like Sarah Palin has too much going on at home. Fact is if you are running for nationwide office, it’s different from you being governor of a state; this is what happens. You get into the spotlight and its difficult to get out.

    I’m certainly not judging, I’m like anyone else trying to figure out Palin, and all of the information available is about her contradictory home life.

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