Love.Chronicled. Spoken Word

Get me where it hurts, rub it in, rub me down….put it in. Make sure I know you hate me, take back all the things you told me about…love and family. Break me, make me scream, make me want to change my life, make me regret the past, make me….make me you. Show me that you deserve better, parade her around me, fuck her deep like you did me, take it there, make it fair…hurt me in all the ways you know how. Never let go, never stop, never let up, step it up. You can’t treat me good, you know how to hurt me good, I let your prowess grow, I should have killed this a long time ago.

I can never be what you want me to be, I could never see the things that you see in me, I can never change to be your queen. I’m that lowly bitch, I’m girl you made fun of in high school, I’m the one hiding behind the glasses, watching, waiting for an opportunity knowing I’d get shot down.

I was always there for you and this is what it got me. I have always been true, nothing could have stopped me….because I’m not you…you can’t be in love with me. This is what I have deserved, forever is a long time to love unrequitedly. Who am I to you? Could I have been more? Could I have waited to let you see that I’m more than what you see? Could I have shown you that deserved care? Who is she to you? Nobody doesn’t call your phone, nobody never steals your heart, nobody never changes your tone, nobody never makes you smile….I’m supposed to be your baby.

Time makes it hurt more, death too sweet a release, the only way to prove I am strong is to keep living with the scars you’ve given me. They’re so deep, they never really heal…every lie a curse, every promise a bruise, every kiss a slap in the face. You said you wanted me. I gave you all of me. Is this all I am? A fad? An obsession? A toy to be used and chucked away when you’re bored. Should I learn new tricks baby? Should I become what you want me to be? Should I take it slow….make you scream?

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  1. senoia says:

    hey i feel u on this one. i can relate.

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