The Luminous One

Your love is like the sun in my face the wind playing with my curls a smile that infects me with one of my own Let me hide in the secret of us, of love mirrors into you and into me deeper still I found me outside the illusion of the light put flame to…

BC // Day 3: Love is Worship

Love is the ultimate worship – first, the discovery of by seeing others, the finding of self through others, the exaltation of self as the greatest love and then the actual real work; loving outside of yourself. 


Kiss me until my lips swell in protest one that we are committed to ignoring show me the subtle magic of transfiguration while your tongue teases mine  and we flirt with danger “you taste of honey-wine and sunshine my love. welcome home”  

Day 17

P.M. Did you pray for me the way I prayed for you? Pages filled with intentions, dotted with my tears splotches of ink and corrections You’re my dream made flesh My fertile oasis in the desert You choose me again and again. 

Good Morning

I may not walk beside you at every moment lay with you at night but my days don’t start without you In those morning hours filled with the quiet I wait for you I’ve never been patient but I bridle that sense of flight because I know you’ll see me and when you do our…


I’m accustomed to preparing for the end. I know my time in the lives of those around me will be brief. That’s not to say short but, I know it will be clinical, purposeful.     Take up room.   Be messy.   I want you to get comfortable.   In me. With me.   Beside me.

Bone – Yrsa Daley-Ward

Emergency Warning  I fell out of love with poetry for a while but was happy to rediscover it again in the say two years.  Yrsa Daley Ward made me feel like she was writing for me and the women I knew so intimately through nothing but heart ache.   I encourage you to explore yourself…


your name is the only prayer I ever say out loud moaned whispered a benediction two syllables per-fect e-nun-c-i-a-tion a sigh, a release an answer