Daily Prompt: Style

When she walked in the room there was a collective gasp she was the queen and they knelt as she walked passed they were at her bidding and she wasn’t even aware cold, click clicking of her heels down the stairs

After D, Before F

How can I show you the other side of me? I am scared, alone, broken and battered. You wouldn’t recognized what’s inside, the dark void of blackness that threatens to swallow me whole, the wild unkempt madness that lingers, that abides by no known rules. I struggle to maintain the me that you know, what…


Silky smooth velvet on satin warm moist tender Ripe for the picking please   I’m almost there just a bit harder I need you Don’t Take this away driving me insane you can take away the pain harder stop Please Don’t Stop Touching me Build me up languid eruption high mountains sensitive peaks Don’t stop…

Brooklyn Boy

I never thought that I would fall for a brooklyn boy, all chocolate brown and sweet as pie.