Obama/Monkey/NY Post Issue

Few things to cover. Obama: Yes, Yes, change. He got elected, now, the masses have stopped being proactive about their government, voting is only one part of our democratic process; we have four years to show that we can collectively make a difference if we don’t; he’ll just be the first black guy in office….

President Elect, Barack Obama

I will be proud to say that I was here, that I did my part and that I only have hope for the future. Thank you everyone, for voting, for being responsible and for not allowing McCain/Palin anywhere near the white house. Speechless.

Video Game Campaign?

So, it would be completely unlike me if I let this story pass by and not make a comment. Obama has bill boards in the video game Burn Out Paradise. I have mixed emotions, on one hand as a voter and a resident of the united states, I feel like it cheapens it a bit,…

Internet Election, Bias Election

Since we’ve become so technologically advanced, it seems that a lot of focus us placed on advertising the candidates for our next upcoming election online. It seems that facebook and myspace jabs have replaced actually debates and town hall meetings. I get it, we need to cater to our youth, but we need to inspire…