August Blues with a bit of News

August is a tough month for me, current events aside; the 3rd is my late Grandmother’s Birthday and the 19th marked one year since the passing of my Mother In Law.  I can’t believe it’s been a year already.  Beyond the forced acknowledgement of my family’s losses over the past two years, I’ve been making…

Do our writers owe us a happy ending?

The past few years brought the rise of trilogies and long series; with that came a new level of fandom that I never expected for readers and writers alike. Since these writers (example JK Rowling, Charlaine Harris and George R.R. Martin) are part of this social media / instant gratification age they’ve succumbed to all…

Selfish Guys

A selfish guy is normally an apparent jerk. You can spot him immediately and you know that there’s something wrong with him for the most part but you don’t exactly know what….

Octomom BS.

I’ve become tired of hearing about her and her obsession with children. Is this what passes for entertainment and celebrity? Yes, the more you talk about her, the more famous she will become. The more you tell her friends about her, the more the paparazzi will follow her about and interview her for the News….