#AnimeMonday: Paprika

I couldn’t let October come and go without bringing #AnimeMonday back for a spell. I’ll be spinning a few horror titles – hope you’ll join me. Paprika is a movie, not a series so we won’t be distracted. Bring snacks and a anime loving friend! Where: rabb.it/chasinglux  When: 8:00 p.m. EST Host: ChasingLux

Seven Deadly Sins: Signs of a Holy War – #AnimeMonday Live Tweet

In preparation for the hot fire that’s is Season 2 of Seven Deadly Sins, next week’s #AnimeMonday Live Tweet will be Seven Deadly Sins: Signs of a Holy War. A four episode special that premiered last August, Holy War will feature all of the characters we’ve come to know in love in S1 in a brand…