Book Five: Fight Club

While I’ve seen the movie, I have never read the book so I could not pass it up when I saw it for $4.98 in the bargain section of Barnes. I’m 20 pages in. The most engaging read since I read The Goddess Chronicle.

E-Book Resources

Since I gave in to the almighty E-book I’ve been looking for ways to save money on books. I was sad to lose the idea of free borrows until my Library started offering E-books and I have a few resources to share. E-books in general are usually a sliver cheaper so it does help you…

Book Addicts Anonymous

I’m tired, had a long day at work and I’m trying to unwind…trying to meander my way through my internet news sources, Reddit, and Imgur and find some cute cat photos to make me smile. I opened WordPress, read all the blogs I follow, checked the daily prompt and then realized that at some point…

Introducing “Oyster” or the Netflix for Books

Don’t you hate when you think of something but you don’t have the resources or the ability to follow though? Welp, in my Netflix haze, I thought that it would be an amazing idea if there was a version of this for books; because you don’t always want to invest money in a book; which,…

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Absolutely love this feature from Barnes and Noble. An amazing way to help you find similar authors / books.