Funk the Formula Magazine Feature – May

For the past few months I’ve been contributing to this art culture magazine called Funk the Formula. This month I wrote about Mother / Daughter relationships and charts the growth between my Mom and I. You can check it out here: (pg. 21-22) You can look at previous editions by going to their Website: you’d…


In honor of National Poetry Month I felt compelled to share some of my favorite poets with you, I decided to go the non traditional route as most are posting the classics. One of my favorite spoken word artists is Stacey Ann Chin. She’s hails from Jamaica and has a very unique voice and narrative. I…

Cover your books

Buying exercise books were one way you recognized that the summer break was over and that it was time to go back to school. The notebooks were standard, they all looked alike and had the same amount of pages. The same logo graced the front and handy references covered the back. There was everything from…


I need to know. Who are you? Where did you come from? Stop. Remember me? Remind me Console me Hurt me Play Anoint me Dethrone me Who am I? Who are we? When are we going home?


When I was growing up (not that long ago) tattoos, piercings (other than your ears for girls) were extremely taboo. I remember noticing guys getting their ear pierced and wearing an earring in one side and everyone would cluck their tongues and shake their heads, asking themselves, amongst themselves, what the world has come to….