Food Trappin – Light + Fast

I suppose this is mostly a food blog now. Writing has been a series of new tabs and documents that don’t seem to fully convey what I’m trying to relay. Hopefully, in a few weeks I can come back to these work in progress pieces and find something salvageable in the pile. In the meantime:…

Food Trappin – Roast Chicken

Cleaning out my camera and came across some succulent chicken photos so I had to post them. Let me answer all the questions I know you’re going to ask: I seared the chicken first and finished it in the oven. It’s a cast iron skillet which is the only thing I roast chicken in. Ain’t…

Gluten Free: Pantry Additions

Celiac can manifest itself in a variety of ways so it’s best for you to be prepared for the really bad ones. I’ve learned that keeping some staples on hand helps me navigate the worst of my stomach based shenanigans – here are two of my must haves.

On Silence

I used to be really uncomfortable with silence, as an only child it only reinforced my loneliness and I simply could not understand why I was so unfortunate. Making peace with silence has been an arduous task but I am finally seeing it as more of an ally than an enemy. I’ve been reflecting lately…

#AnimeMonday: Paprika

I couldn’t let October come and go without bringing #AnimeMonday back for a spell. I’ll be spinning a few horror titles – hope you’ll join me. Paprika is a movie, not a series so we won’t be distracted. Bring snacks and a anime loving friend! Where:  When: 8:00 p.m. EST Host: ChasingLux