Meet @asiaelle, the creator of @ThumbstickMafia

This ME!

I Need Diverse Games


Asiaelle gave us this quick bio on herself before we got into questions about her network of WOC streamers; Thumbstick Mafia:

Black. Woman. Gamer.
I love books, games, music and Jalapeno Cheetos.  When I’m not reading or gaming, I’m live tweeting Anime and reminding you that women are multidimensional.
I Need Diverse Games: What got you into gaming?

Asiaelle: My boyfriend, now Husband – challenged me to try a video game aft. The first game was Dead or Alive on Playstation, next came Soul Cal and Amplitude but it’s not till I found Halo 2, that I “got” it

INDG: What are your favorite types of games?

Asiaelle:: FPS games.

INDG: Best and worst parts of being a streamer?

Asiaelle::Best parts: finding more women who have gaming in common. This seems like a small thing, but it really helps.

Worst parts: being a woman and black – being…

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