The Lightbringer

Daily Prompt:

What drew you to your significant other.

Our story started in High School and is only slightly cliche. He was the popular, well dressed and smart boy who seemed so out of reach that I resigned myself to being his friend. I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t an immediate physical attraction but what kept me enthralled was that he seemed completely unaware of the brightness of his presence and his ability to be social even though I could tell that some of it was an effort.

Numbers were exchanged and we quickly became friends. At the time I had just moved from Guyana to New York and was going through an extreme period of culture shock. It was more than the vast expanse of people and noise; it was the alienation of people that hurt me the most. Growing up in a village like community where you had built in friends and cousins your age even though you were the only child was a godsend.

We bonded over conversation. He challenged my views, my thoughts, my beliefs and allowed me to challenge his without it dissolving our budding friendship. We shared a love of our mutual culture and I was very much drawn to his ambition, intelligence and innate sense of calm.

As an over emotional and sometimes high strung person; the soothing nature of his very presence is what got me to realize that perhaps I was interested in way more than I was ready to admit to myself and to him.

We had a great friendship and he had a beautiful girlfriend who most of our High School lusted after at one point or the other; I was the bookworm that always had her head buried in a book and was completely unaware of how to dress for school as i’d come from a uniform culture. (Years later, I’m still trying to get this fashion thing right). TL:DR – I was seemingly the opposite of what he was interested in romantically so I was there for him and supported his relationships and his promiscuous phase after he ended it with her.

About a year or so after I built up the courage to tell him how I feel; a fact he was not entirely blinded to but we were platonic friends and he never took advantage of my attraction even though he seemed to realize it before I did.

It was his sense of honor, his need for truth and clarity and his willingness to teach and grow with me that makes him completely irresistible.

We went from friends to best friends to friends with benefits to boyfriend / girlfriend to Husband / Wife. I regard this as one of the best, most invigorating relationship I’ve ever had in my life and we continue to grow and love and relate to each other in ways we could have never imagined 10 years ago.

I did good. 🙂

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  1. Thewitch says:

    Love the title the lightbringer! I know just how that feels. They make you shine!!

    1. Asiaelle says:

      Certainly do. 🙂

  2. Easter Ellen says:

    I think all relationships should start like yours.. as friends first as you truly know the person more than if you “jump in”.

    1. Asiaelle says:

      I agree. That’s always my advice but sometimes things escalate very quickly depending on how you meet. This has worked out for me very well though.


      1. Easter Ellen says:

        I just think that especially if things are rushed into, you don’t get the chance to know the other person’s temperament as you are both in the infatuation stage, which, of course, is both blind and longs to please the other at any cost. To me, t is a great feeling, but a dangerous one to base a relationship on.
        Have a great day,

      2. Asiaelle says:

        Indeed. Have a good one and thank you for stopping by!

      3. Easter Ellen says:

        🙂 You as well. Have a great week.

  3. Chelle says:

    Now this is enlightening! I wrote a post he’s so fine post about a friend. I’m one of those “I don’t want to ruin our friendship” kind of people. I wish I was this brave! Sounds like the perfect happy ending!

    1. Asiaelle says:

      It was killer on my nerves. The plus side is that I knew we would be cool even if nothing progressed but I am sure glad I wasn’t chicken shit that day. I did tell him on aim chat though so maybe I was a little. 🙂

      I know how tough it can be.

      1. Chelle says:

        Lol it always seems easier via a message. But the waiting game is intense. I sent text to a guy once, I started panicking thinking he was ignoring me. Then I realised I hadn’t even sent the message :/

      2. Asiaelle says:

        Hahhaa. We sound very similar if that was the case. It seems like he took forever to respond…it was barely a minute wait lol.

  4. Chelle says:

    Ignore the repetitiveness, my eyes are half open lol

  5. What I liked about this was that I had no idea which way it was gonna go until the end.
    I think it’s nice how you were always there for him without any of it being creepy. And all while seeing him around the place almost every day, that must’ve sucked. Still, guess it all meant you were never outta sight / outta mind?
    And yes, you did do good!

  6. Wow what a wonderful story. You are so brave. My partner was the brave one. I was truly amazed with his honesty and sincerity. I am so glad things worked out so well for you. Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing.

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