I’m serious about my lips.


This was a picture of all of the lip related items in my work bag today. I’ve always liked multiple options purely for lip balm but recently, with much encouragement, I started to try lipsticks and lip color.

The issue with this new foray into lipstick? Can’t decide which one to wear and I’m still trying to get a feel for colors / tones and my lip actually matching the rest of what I have going on in terms of over all look for the day.

The solution. Bring all I have so far. It worked out well. I decided on red since I was wearing mostly, all black and had no other make up on, it was a great way to take me from work to dinner without me having to put on foundation or even line my eyes.

I’m liking it so far. Hopefully by the summer, I would have mastered the art.

Bonus? My Mom loves it. To her it was my final step in my journey from tom boy to as close to girly girl as I was going to get. I’ve been doing better with make up but I was still apprehensive about lipstick. Always thought it was for other people and could never look good on me.

What’s your fav?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. andrea524abs says:

    Well personally I love red lipstick, it’s fierce and beautiful. In my high school days I was more of a tom boy so now that I’m girly I take full advantage of all the lipstick colors. Check out my blog I have a few post on lipstick and picking the best lipstick color for you. fierceladies.wordpress.com

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