More on Religion

When people are involved in religion, sometimes they loose the reason and rationality that they were born with, that is their birthright. I’m not atheist, I’m not satanist and I’m not a tool of the devil for having questions and for wanting answers. Religion shouldn’t make you stupid, it should enhance your spirituality and anything that dumbs you down is not a step in the correct direction.

I will not accept that if I’m good enough to get to heaven, I can ask Jesus or that Allah will reward me with knowledge after some effervescent deed. I believe in knowledge and I am an avid seeker of it, I’m not asking for the Cliff Notes to life, I just want to feel like I have more to do with my life than some higher power that I have no way of knowing.

I have a huge issue with people who are smart, but then they talk to you about their religion and it seems like…they just turned into the town idiot. I strive for more, the people that I am around I feel should share that attitude.

I am not in any demonizing anyone’s beliefs, I just don’t feel like it should be a precursor for me to endorse your mind state.


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