Soul Time

When you’re soul is broken and you feel like you’re not yourself, you need to step back, put everything on hold and just allow healing time. It doesn’t have to be much; you don’t need to run away to an Island in Crete or drown your woes in the best Columbian Cocaine; sometimes the best get away is right in your room, in your bed, locking out the world and knowing that at the very least there is one person; whether they are present or not, that loves you unconditionally.

I’ve found that just the idea of being loved, the concept that someone knows and recognizes me for me, will make the right decisions for me and will have my best interests in the four front of their mind is comforting. I feel less alone. I feel less incomplete.

I know that I am capable of love and I am capable of receiving love. That has been my life’s lesson for this vacation. Think, meditate, love, be kind, revel in the small things and live life not like there’s no tomorrow but that if there is a tomorrow it will be better than today and if there is a tomorrow; it will be a better day just for you having taken part in it.

Sometimes this isn’t easy. I’m not saying that I will walk around with a smile on my face forever, and be happy and cheerful and love life and not dwell on pain; what I’m saying is that love is eternal, pain passes when you learn the lesson and life is our one shot. Enjoy it.


Another for Lightbringer.

I love you. ❤

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  1. It’s Nice Post, keep posting and have a nice day… 05:54

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