Being Polite is out of style

I hate when people on the train bump into you, run over you or straight up body you while entering, exit or you are other wise moving in or around the train and they only apologize when you bring it to their attention.

Did you think that suddenly the ground got higher? Did you not see my feet? Did you not feel the bump in your wheeled bag? Why can’t you say sorry before I have to stop what I’m doing to give you the angry look and possibly plan your death?

That’s not very polite and I’m going to stop this before I get started on older folks who feel like they can straight up put their bags in your lap or slap you in the face without saying excuse me because they’re OLD. So what you’re old? I didn’t know being an asshole was a character trait you inherited when you passed 50. Fact of the matter is, we all have to take the train; we have to co exist, being nice is only going to make your train ride better. Sheesh.


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