Black history / Black entertainment

I find irony in a lot. For example on BET there was a little cypher by some young women on black history month, wack as it was it was sponsored by Walmart.

BET has always been one of those black franchises that I don’t understand. It supposedly exists to portay african americans in a positive light on tv but they don’t even have a news program. I realize its goal is to keep black people entertained but with shows like hell date, what are they saying is the standard for black entertainment? They’re saying that we like to see the jigaboo role that they previously said only exists because of the man. They are saying that black entertainment is not intelligent.

It is my dream that the aspiration for black america will not strained when someone is successful, that we can have more than a couple black role models at a time.

Us having a bi racial president doesn’t mean that we as black people have made strides, it means one man did. We need to keep up.


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