Teachers: Whats the true value of a good school system?

I’ve always been interested in helping and in that religion and religious rituals have always come up, now that I’m ready to get settled in my career I find anamolies; teachers aren’t that valuable or at least that’s what their pay conveys.

Teaching is hard work and it seems that the tenderest hearts get into it; people who want to or believe that they can make a difference and what better way to start than getting fresh minds some open and willing to learn? Most of the teachers that I had in high school made and broke me; wonderfully intelligent people who weren’t challenged by me asking questions and stating a contrary opinion but saddened when everyone else couldn’t think for themselves. Teachers shape you attitudes and give you your first glimpse of adult life outside of the scaubbles of your parents trying to make rent.

So, why is it that our teachers are both under appreciated and underpaid? Do we really place more value in our athletes and super stars? As a society it says a lot about how we feel about education which is quite frankly disgusting considering that movie stars went to school and athletes went to school as well. School is your stepping stone to greater things; yes there are exceptions but those stories are extraordainary, in the everyday teachers are who we entrust the minds of our children, I would figure that would be important.

Lucky for society, good teachers do it despite the meager wages. In a few years, I will be teaching your kids, I hope that there is a pay increase but, I will do it regardless.

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