Kindle and Audio Books

Kindle 2 looks great, way too expensive for something that can only handle one function and looks fragile so…definitely not something I can actually buy (I would break it the first day, I’m sure) I’m okay with the actual books, going to the book store, talking to random people in the aisles, getting recommendations when you pick up a book to read the cover; the social aspect of it all is important as well. I’m sure that the amount of money I would spend on books would be relatively the same and I can use that extra $300 to buy more books which I can pass on to a friend, keep for a loved one etc. I got slightly caught up in the gadget aspect of the Kindle and the Kindle 2 that I forgot that reading a book was more than just the actual reading.

Just like how going to star bucks is more than actually getting a cup of over priced coffee, juice, coffee-juice or tea with a long name. The gadgets are about keeping up, having the latest technology while books are about the mind, the interaction, sharing and imagination.

Audio books to me are dumb unless you are driving for more than 10 hours and you don’t have company; but then again it might bore you to sleep. Why would you want someone to read you a book unless you’re a child that wants to go to bed and why would you want some random Microsoft Sam or Microsoft Jill voice reading you a mystery novel? Makes no sense. Well, not to me anyways, I’m not calling you stupid or dumb if you listen to audio books on your ipod on the train when you could just simply have the book in your hand and read it…I’m just saying that as a writer and reader; you’d take more away if you read it yourself, in your own voice, with your own emotions.

Read Smart People.

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