Why the company you keep is important

So like everyone else who’s been checking out the presidential debates I’ve become very annoyed at the back and forth between the candidates about who they’ve been associated with throughout their entire lives and it’s become a huge deal.

I’m not saying that we should completely disregard who our candidates for both the presidency and vice presidency have been around and associated without throughout the years, I’m saying that it should be looked and onced over but what is more important is their actions,  what they accomplished  over the years and how far they have come.

We need to be reasonable, intelligent adults here. This is our future and we need to focus on what is really important in this election which is whether or not we have someone that is capable of leading this country, that is who we should vote for, not parties or race or gender, but fact and qualification.

Be intelligent voters. Your voice counts, your choice this election reflects upon the entire country.


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