Glowsticking was birthed from poi ( and the rave scene. Glowsticking can be defined simply as dancing with glowsticks (, and is broken down into Glowstringing and Freehanding. It is not “raving”. Raving is the act of going to a rave. Glowsticking and being at a raver aren’t mutually exclusive.

Glowstringing is when you attach strings (laces in most cases) to your glowsticks and do moves/combos with it. Freehanding is just glowsticks and freeform dancing.

Glowsticking in any form is an art and a danceform first and foremost, the culture of the Electronica scene from which it originated is one of love, happiness, unity and friendship and should be reserved as such. It is a great hobby which can be used for entertainment of yourself or just expression. There are no battles, no crews just glowsticks and dancing.

For more on the definition of glowsticking check out this article written by founder David Oh:

For the best glowsticking resource and the premiere site for tutorials and a warm, welcoming community check out:

For more on Poi:


Anastasia R.

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